Mortgage Dogs

Meet the Dogs

Meet the Dogs
River P Wafflenut, Branch Manager

River P Wafflenut ("River"), Branch Manager

River is an alum of Austin Pets Alive! and has been on staff since late 2015. River is an excellent motivator and public speaker. She keeps everyone in the office on-task, and offers emotional support where needed.

In her off hours, River volunteers as a therapy dog with Southwest Canine Corp of Volunteers, visiting a local adult daycare, helping with dog education in schools, and participating in the Read to the Dogs programs at the library.

River's hobbies include chasing tennis balls, hiking mountains, paddle-boarding, competing in Rally Obedience trials, and keeping Zoe and Jack in line.

Zen Dog Zoe, Chief Barketing Officer

Zen Dog Zoe ("Zoe"), Chief Barketing Officer

Zoe heads up our barketing department, and has been a member of our team since early 2020. She hails from Pet-A-Bulls, Inc. after being picked up as a stray in West Texas.

As you can see, Zoe is really really... really ridiculously good looking, but she doesn't know it. All Zoe knows is people are AWESOME! She loves ALL people. She helps us get clients in the door with her incredible people skills!

In her off time, Zoe enjoys sniffing all the things, woo-woo'ing at friends and strangers alike, and trail running. She's also a pretty good Barn Hunt competitor, and is just getting started in Scent Work and Tracking trials.

Mr Pancake, Esq ("Jack"), VP of Employee Productivity and Director of Snuggles

Mr Pancake, Esq ("Jack"), Director of Snuggles

Jack is our newest edition, having joined our team in early 2021 from Animal Humane New Mexico where he'd spent quite a bit of time, trying on two other families before deciding we were his forever.

Jack has two settings which I lovingly refer to "Rapid hyena mode" and "snuggle monster". Setting one must be depleted before setting two can be engaged.

In his off time Jack enjoys running alongside my mountain bike, playing Wrestlemania with Zoe, or playing tug. He is also a top notch Rally Obedience competitor, and expects some championship events are in his future.