Give us a call… We won’t drop the ball!

Tammy Metzger

What I love most about working in the mortgage industry is the human connections that are made. I take my role in this major life purchase very seriously and am emotionally-invested in the outcome for every single client. Over the years I’ve been honored by so many who have entrusted me in their home-buying and refinancing process, and in return I’ve been instrumental in helping people reach their financial goals.

Buying your first home is only the beginning. Learning how to best leverage the equity of that asset for greater investing power is something I enjoy demonstrating, in conjunction with your financial advisor. Rates will change, life circumstances will evolve, financial health will fluctuate… but once you are a homeowner, you have a powerful asset at your disposal. Whether looking to upgrade or downgrade homes, refinance for better terms or debt consolidation, or looking for tools to help you as you reach retirement age - Your mortgage loan officer will be an important relationship to maintain through it all.

The past few years have been an especially turbulent time in our industry (and let’s face it, life in general), so it’s important now more than ever to have a genuine connection to those who are advising the decisions you are making with your money and financial future. I consider myself an educator, first and foremost. I want to show my clients all the possibilities, from every angle, so they can make the best decision for their family based on all known variables.

Have questions? Please reach out and schedule a time to chat. There is no pressure or urgency from my end. The more educated you are on the mortgage process, the easier it will be to make the right decisions for your family at the right time. I’m all about proactive, low-stress transactions!

Give us a call… We won’t drop the ball!

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