Mortgage Rate Roller Coaster

What’s going on with mortgage rates?!? The past year has been an emotional roller coaster of rate drop promises, for those trying to afford to buy a home, as well as those of us who make a living in the mortgage and real estate industries. 2024 was off to a good start, with a lot…

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Mortgage Rates Are Falling!

Mortgage rates are finally coming down, and after two lean years, lenders are coming out of the woodwork to show you how low your interest rate can be with a refinance. Before you get too excited, make sure you are taking a very close look at those closing costs! Things are not always as straight-forward…

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How to Best Today’s Mortgage Rates

how to best today's mortgage rates

  I hate to break it to you, but barring another global disaster or pandemic, we are unlikely to see mortgage rates drop to the 3% playing field again in our lifetime. The COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns seemed to last an eternity, so mentally and emotionally what happened during those times seems like the way things…

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